Energy Medicine Yoga

Ready for a yoga practice

that nurtures your energy

body? EMYoga taps into your

energy body, emotional body,

and spiritual body. Discover

how easy it is to align, clear

and strengthen your energy. EMYoga is designed to boost your vitality, release pain, clear out emotions safely, repair your aura, balance your chakras, clear your body and most of all keep your energy balanced! All techniques and healing tools are easy to learn and work with. See more by clicking below...

Ananda Yoga for Higher Awareness
Yoga as it was meant to be...
Meditative...Inwardly Focused...
Breath Emphasis...Raising Awareness...
Calming the mind & body for meditation

Shae is no longer teaching Ananda yoga on Wednesday Evenings at East West Bookshop!
Next Ananda yoga class taught by Shae is in April, Thursday mornings 9am at the Ananda Temple/Yoga Hall in Bothell
Visit www.anandawashington.org for more info