About Windsong Wellness


The name "Windsong" came from my spiritual name "Shaefeather Windsong". The name has always held special significance for me. But you can call me Shae :)


I am a certified yoga instructor, certified group fitness instuctor and attuned reiki practitioner. I currently teach Ananda Yoga, a form of Hatha Yoga, at East West Bookshop in Seattle, Thursday mornings at 10:30am.


I created this practice to reflect who I am as a person. I wanted to share, teach and inspire others in ways that would help people on their journey and help myself at the same time. Over the years my practice evolved into yoga teaching, fitness teaching and reiki healing. And it's continuing to evolve! I have set sail on a sea of creativity, as I am also a musician, singer, dancer, and artist.


"What do you love most about this job?" Being able to share something beautiful, energetically, with other people brings me great joy. Yoga is transforming and healing on all levels. It is an honor to offer healing help on one's spiritual or wellness journey. Yoga is a gift for both the teacher and student. And every class I teach, the blessings go both ways. This goes for Reiki too!


"What makes your classes better or different?" Every yoga instructor and healing practitioner has a different aura or energy about them; and a different style. So it's not that my work is any "better" than another instructor, everyone had their own taste. If I had to describe my teaching style, it would be a flow of positive energy, smiles and cheerful instruction. I encourage you to take my Thursday class at East West to get a feel for how I teach. Classes are $10 or with the 2015 summer coupon, first class is free. And if you like it, I hope to see you again!