Founded by Lauren Walker, EMYoga uses the healing techniques and teachings of Donna Eden and effortlessly merges them with yoga. The techniques are simple and easy to understand, derived from Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Reiki, EFT, Pranic Healing, and Donna's original teachings.
During class you will be tapping & massaging energy points as well as weaving and tracing your hands to move or clear energy. To learn more about EMYoga, see the videos posted below...

Upcoming Classes with Shaefeather Windsong

-JANUARY-MARCH 2020 EMYoga occurs on the 4th Wednesday

-Starting APRIL 2020 and onward, EMYoga will be on the 3rd Wednesday

  • January 22nd - Winter Special EMYoga! 7-9pm $25

  • February 26 - Energy Medicine Yoga 7:30-9pm $20

  • March 25th - Energy Medicine Yoga 7:30-9pm $20

  • April 15th Energy Medicine Yoga 7:300pm $20



Energy Medicine Yoga is a tantra-based practice. The Sanskrit word tantra means “to weave and to stretch towards.” More broadly it also refers to systematic techniques for achieving a particular outcome. The yoga part of EMYoga is grounded in a practice with emphasis on various techniques to help you accept your innate perfection and from there transform into, or stretch toward, becoming your best self.

When I first started studying tantra yoga, I was amazed at all the things involved that seemed to have nothing to do with my idea of “yoga”—things like Vedic astrology, gemology, and aromatherapy, as well as things like gratitude, journaling, and rituals. But as I’ve come to understand the deeper meaning and power of yoga, it all makes perfect sense.

If we want to reach the goal of ultimate union with ourselves, and with the divine, we need to master more than just the physical body.

In EMYoga you’ll learn asana practices (physical postures) that incorporate poses and moves to access your underlying energy. Some of the poses look similar to yoga poses you may already be familiar with. Others will be complete departures from standard yoga and are used to influence specific flows of energy. You’ll use the electromagnetic energy of your own body, often with your hands, to affect the energy in your body – sort of like those old games where you pull a magnet around to draw features on a face with iron shillings.

The power and comprehensive practices of EMYoga incorporate pranayama (breathing practices), meditation, visualization, journaling, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping, nutrition, diet, body image, and belief systems. The beauty of energy work is that it translates into every facet of your life—from what, how, and when you eat to how you think and how you feel about your body, mind, and life. It only starts on the mat. EMYoga touches every area of your life because energy touches every area of your life. The result of this practice is a deep love, appreciation, and acceptance of yourself just as you are now. This is one of the most powerful takeaways: self-love. From that place, all healing, transformation, contentment, and peace are possible. Being in flow with life, having gratitude for your very existence and experiences, joy at your abilities, compassion for others—these are the gifts life has to offer and the fruits of your EMYoga practice.

Energy Medicine Teacher Training Graduates November 2016

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