Standard Yoga Classes - Private or Group


I teach traditional hatha yoga in the form of "Ananda Yoga"

This stlye of yoga is perfect for any level, age, and body. Length of class is 1 hr 15min, which includes centering, pranayama (breathing), warm-ups, asana (poses), and savasana. Ananda Yoga is always fit to the student's needs, never bending the student to fit the pose. It can be as gentle or challenging as you need. Using affirmations for energy awareness, focus on breath, and pauses between poses, Ananda Yoga connects body, mind, and spirit, leaving you feeling like you just walked out of a mediation--happy, energized, aware and calm.

I do not teach Bikram (hot) or Power Yoga.

Classes for Hire - Yoga & other exercise instruction

Below are the types of classes I can offer right now. Anything can be shifted or changed for your personal needs. Contact me for further questions, concerns or ideas exercise classes.

Yoga Combos - Yoga/Pilates & Yoga/Dance


Yoga Pilates is the combination of yoga poses and pilates exercises for an overall full body toning and workout, with a great focus on the breath, creating calm and staying focused while energizing your body.

Yoga Dance is my personal interpretation of blending asana (poses) into fluid and graceful movements, creating a sense of self empowerment, expansion and peace. I only recommend this type of class to intermediate level yoga students, as basic knowledge of the poses are important. 

Goddess Dance is another way of dancing with fluidity and grace without the yoga poses. These routines can be choreographed style or "zumba" style (having a minimum set of movements that repeat through the song and are learned as the music is playing by following the instructor)

Up-beat Aerobic Dance Exercise (any music style)


Aerobic Dance: Hip Hop, Latin music, Belly Dance music...there are many to choose from! Tell me your favorite! Like "Zumba", putting together dance movements and music can transform a workout into a fun cardio routine. I call it Aerobic Dance Exercise. I like to offer variety and options. As well as variations length. (Just like in "zumba" there will be a minimum set of movements that repeat through the song and are learned as the music is playing).

I also believe that Aerobic dance doesn't have to be lengthy to get a good work out. So don't be intimidated! I will always stucture the class to your needs and level. Sometimes I structure my classes with half dance and half pilates/ab-building exercise.


Choreographed Dance Routines: I have experience in chreographing fun and simple routines to create a great cardio workout. Favorites of mine are "Hip Hop" and "Belly Dance". With these types of classes, you will be taught the dance movements slowly and then practice with the music, section by section, until it becomes the full routine. At the end, we will do ab exercises.

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I am a certified yoga instructor, certified group fitness instuctor and attuned reiki practitioner. Also a musician, singer, dancer and artist! 

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